Here are a few audio and video samples from The Great Outdoors. For more pics and vids, you can always find us on FaceBook or visit our YouTube Channel.

A Day On

Here is a song written by some of our friends in Nashville. We recorded it and received some airplay in the Midwest from North Dakota to Colorado. It's all about taking a day off and enjoying "A Day On" one of your favorite Great Outdoor adventures.

Boys From Oklahoma

Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO

Shortly after the state of Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use, The Great Outdoors performed at the world famous Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO. Ramon and the boys crafted a special verse of the song "Boys From Oklahoma" by Cross Canadian Ragweed.

Orange Blossom Special

The Great Outdoors in Minot, ND at The Rockin' Horse circa 2010. The video is from a webcam streaming the show to viewers all over the country. Man has technology come a long way since then. Enjoy!

Seminole Wind Clip

From The Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO. A clip from Seminole Wind by John Anderson.

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